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Candy and Gum by the Case

             1.75" Psychedelic Jawbreakers, 144 pcs/case, $55/case        

             Chewy Spree (Wonka), 30 lbs/case, $75/case

             Zour Surprise (Similar to Lotsa Sours) 30 lbs/case, $59/case

             Fruit Blast (Similar to Nitwitz/Runts)  30 lbs/case, $51/case

                            Mini Jawbreakers 1/2"  28 lbs/case, $48/case

                            Just Peachy Candy 30 lbs/case, $51/case

                            Pucker Power (Similar to Pucker Ups) 30 lbs/case, $51/case

                            Lotsa Bananas 30 lbs/case, $51/case


                            Mystery Centers Jawbreakers 1"  30 lbs/case, $49/case


                            Zour Tears (Similar to Cry Baby Tears) 30 lbs/case  $59/case

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